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Harry Johnson
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We have two clips of KYW Newsradio from 1971. Our two excerpts both come from the same day and date of Sunday, January 10, 1971. First up is Bill Gregory. This excerpt is from about 1:45 pm.

Now we have a clip by Harry Johnson from about 2:30 pm. In this excerpt, there's a report from Broadcast Pioneers member Jay Lloyd.

We had originally dated this aircheck as October of 1971 as that is what the tape box had written on it. However, after we received the following e-mail from William Brown of New York City (a visitor to our site), we changed our mind. Brown wrote:

I had the opportunity to look at a New York Times index for 1971 of the various items in the news (U.N. mediator's trip to Israel, the Dubrow's murder) touched on in KYW airchecks of, respectively, Don Lancer at the 2:00 hour, Bill Gregory before him around 1:50 (who was heard doing the weather at the start of the aircheck with Lancer), and Harry Johnson after Lancer's shift ended (Johnson did the KYW/Group W I.D. at the end of the Lancer aircheck), all of which you'd cited as October 1971, and found that the 'checks in question were actually from January 1971 (probably Jan. 8, 9 or 10, I'm not sure; the ad mentioning a sculpture show at the Philadelphia Civic Center going through Feb. 7 was one sign, also a mention of New Year's). The month of those 'checks notwithstanding, I enjoyed them nonetheless, and to you I say: Keep up the good work. Shortly afterwards, he e-mailed again saying: Actually, having listened to the Harry Johnson aircheck, I have determined his, Don Lancer's and Bill Gregory's airchecks to be from January 10, 1971, a Sunday. The reference to Sunday mass in Jay Lloyd's report was the tipoff.

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Audio originally donated by Broadcast Pioneers member Gerry Wilkinson
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