Saturday, September 1, 1928

6 pm

WCAU - Robert Frazier, a blind gospel singer
WDEL - A Copeland program

6:20 pm

WCAU - Baseball scores

6:30 pm

WIP - Time, Baseball scores and the Benjamin Franklin Orchestra.
WCAU - Green's Orchestra

6:45 pm

WFI - Sports news from the Evening Bulletin

6:55 pm

WIP - Market Reports

7 pm

WCAU - The Golden Dragon Orchestra
WDEL - Baseball scores and the Harmonica Kings

7:30 pm

WLIT - The Walton Orchestra
WIP - Time
WCAU - Hoxie's Salon Orchestra
WDEL - Studio program

7:55 pm

WLIT - Baseball scores

8 pm

WIP - An instrumental trio: Esther Hare, violinist; Florence Williams, cellist; Eleanor Louis Fields, piano
WCAU - Time and a continuation of the Hoxie program
WFI - Tenor solos; Volturni Berti with accompanist George Vali

8:15 pm

WFI - Song and Story, Kentucky Babe with Dr. Adam Getbel and the WFI Male Quarette

8:30 pm

WCAU - The Georgie Jessel Show

8:45 pm

WFI - Anthony De John, accordionist

9 pm

WIP - Polish Duo with Anna Peters, soprano and Carroll Howell, contralto

WFI - Ensemble under the direction of Harold Micklin
WCAU - A Midnight Ball

9:30 pm

WCAU - The Wanderings of an Old Poet

10 pm

WFI - Mixed Quarette with Elizabeth Harrison, Margaret Eberbach, Mabel Marston and Mary Bray. Plus Ednyfed Lewis, Charles Stahl, John Vandersloot and Harold Simmonds
WIP- Warren's Harmony Kings
WCAU - The Boulevard Pool Orchestra

10:30 pm

WFI - Palais D'Or Orchestra
WIP - The Adelphia Whispering Orchestra
WCAU - The Cathay Orchestra

11 pm

WCAU - Time, News, Missing Persons Reports and Announcements

11:15 pm

WIP - The Germantown Theater Organ Recital with Geibel Falconer

12 midnight

WIP - Time

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