In 1993, the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia inducted its second group of honorees into our "Hall of Fame." There were eight of them that year. The "Hall of Fame" was instituted a year earlier (in 1992) when we inducted 14 people.

"The Class of 1993" as we often called them, was made up of excellent choices. They were:

Esther & Stan Lee Broza
Taylor Grant
Ray Green
Ragan Henry
Lew Klein
Edmund "Ned" Rogers
By Saam

The event was an afternoon luncheon at the Bellevue, Broad and Walnut Streets in center city Philadelphia. Former Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia President (our 29th, 1991-1992) Doris Lenz presented the awards to the inductees. During this era, our "Hall of Fame" luncheon and our "Person of the Year" banquet were two different events. Now, they are one. The date is Tuesday, June 22, 1993.

We are lucky to have this wonderful recording which has survived in near perfect condition. It was recorded by Dave Abramson, our 32nd President (1996-1997) and our 32nd Chairman of the Board (1997 - 1999).

These videos were encoded in 2004. They use the Real Player which you must have
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Stan Lee & Esther Broza
Taylor Grant
Ray Green
Ragan Henry
Lew Klein
Edmund "Ned" Rogers

In the summer of 2012, we recoded the By Saam video. The quality of the video is much clearer as it was encoded at a much higher standard. Please note that this video only must be played with the Windows Media Player!

(left to right) By Saam and Richie Ashburn
Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia's Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies
The Hotel Bellevue
Broad and Walnut Streets, Philadelphia
Tuesday afternoon, June 22, 1993

Watch By Saam!

Accepting on behalf of Esther & Stan Lee Broza were their sons, Stanley Broza, Jr. and Elliot Lawrence. Accepting on behalf of "Ned" Rogers was his son, Roddy.

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