A Still from the CBS-TV daily live western, "Action in the Afternoon,"
which originated from the backlot of WCAU-TV
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On the left wearing a white hat and a vest is the star of "Action in the Afternoon," Jack Valentine. Fred O'Neill, a Director at WCAU-TV for many years, e-mails: "Cowpoke talking to Jack Valentine could be Sam Kressen although rear view hides (his) best features." The tech running the boom mike has not been identified. However, Broadcast Pioneers member Charlie Higgins e-mails: "The cut of the hair seems to say to me it is Ray Reher." Fred O'Neill says: "Tech on the boom on Action (in the Afternoon) set looks very much like Ralph Rodio. Also a bit like Ray Reher but not skinny enough for Ray at that time." Bob Patton e-mailed Charlie: "to me it looks like Rene Norell." Charlie e-mailed again that another old hand from WCAU also thinks that it was Rene on the boom. That's two votes for Rene. Tony Verna, long-time Producer at WCAU-TV says: Boomman, I believe was Irv Hartman's (Irv was the crew chief of WCAU-TV crew #2) audio man, Fred Betz, who sometimes left the control room to smoke. Sure looks like how Fred smoked, with the "cig" hanging from his mouth. I don't believe Ralph (Rodio) smoked. ...By the way, I think the unidentified guy talking to Valentine is Bob Olander.

In front of the saloon is another unidentified male. Note that Jack is standing at a portable horse hitching post. Also, see the totem pole in the extreme right of the photo, it really conceals a real pole, the kind that hold television lights.

Elmer "Hank" Schorle, a technician at WCAU-TV for many years e-mailed: The boom man in question is Rene Norrel. I worked on all episodes of the show (except when on vacation) for its 13 month span either as cameraman or crew chief (video man)....

Here's several close-ups from the above picture:
Building and horse on the left
Tech Operator of the Boom
Close-up of Jack, Unidentified male and the Copper Cup Saloon
Person and horse to the right of Saloon

From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
Photo and use of negatives donated by by Bill Bode
Bill was director of "Action in the Afternoon"
All Rights Reserved

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