The set on the back lot of WCAU-TV where "Action in the Afternoon" was supposed to be a town called Huberle in Montana. It was 1884. Main street was made up of several buildings. First there was the newspaper office, "The Huberle Record". Next came The Huberle Bank, which was robbed often. Here's another shot of the bank, this time in the snow. Then there was a Shop of Supplies, which later was called "The General Store." Continue down the street and the next building is The Sheriff's Office & Jail.

Next there came a little break with no buildings. Perhaps an alleyway. The Copper Cup Saloon was next. Finally, there was the small Wells Fargo office.

That was the end of the buildings on that side of the street. On the other side at a ninety degree angle was Benjamin Johns' Blackshop Shop. Here's a shot of the town in the snow. Remember that this live broadcast originated from Philadelphia and snow was not uncommon.

And here's a couple shots of the program showcasing the cameras.

From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
Photos, logo and scans from original negatives donated by Bill Bode
Bill was director of "Action in the Afternoon"
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