Norman "Red" Benson
WEEU Radio, Reading, PA
Circa 1947

Norman "Red" Benson was a star. He worked at WCAU radio and WEEU radio in nearby Reading, PA. Then he went to New York City where he hosted several different network programs including "Name That Tune." Eventually Red came back to Philly where he ended up on WPEN radio doing a talk show.

Broadcast Pioneers member Charlie Higgins e-mailed: The console looks... like the Remler remote amplifier that WCAU used as an emergency amplifier at the Sunset Lake, Almonesson, NJ Ballroom with Oscar Dumont Orchestra remote we did every Saturday evening for CBS. I think we also took that to (the) Atlantic City remote for the All Night Watch with Johnny Lupton that originated from Steel Pier all Summer long in the 1950's.

From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
Photo originally donated by Steve Benson, Red's son
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