Closeup of Roy Neal & Doug Arthur
WPTZ, Channel 3

Roy Neal first met Doug in 1941. Roy told us:

Doug Arthur turned out to be a perfectly delightful, freckle-faced gnome who could charm you with his voice. Not a deep, resounding set of pipes but a mild mid-ranged voice with a command of words that was extraordinary. He was a professional musician who coupled his knowledge of music and musicians with his ability to talk to make a golden combination. ...Doug Arthur was a star in Philadelphia! His "Danceland" show played records every evening and Swing was the Thing when I came on the scene. He had the highest ratings in town. His counterpart and friend in New York, was equally successful with "The Make Believe Ballroom."

Same Shot as Above but Uncropped

Sometimes called the "Dean of Philadelphia Music," Doug Arthur was born Lex Smith in Morrisville, PA. He began his career in New York, but Doug soon came back to the Philadelphia area where he was a DJ and Program Director for WIBG, changing its religious format to what the station called "good music." In the late 50's, he moved over to WCAU where he stayed until 1962.

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