Collins Remote Board
WHHS Radio

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This photo was taken recently but the equipment dates from the 1960s. It may be the first solid state remote mixer ever made. The unit works and its owner, WHHS (Haverford High School) still uses it for remote broadcasts.

Broadcast Pioneers Member Charlie Higgins writes:

...About the Collins remote mixer. I bought that for WHHS when I was their Technical Director in the 1960's. It was the first solid state remote amplifier made I believe although in the back of my mind I think RCA had one as well but nowhere near as nice as the Collins. One feature the Collins had was a built in tone oscillator for setting levels so the Tech did not have to "woof" peaks. I also installed a new Collins Audio Console during the period I was in charge replacing the original Collins. In the 1950's when WHHS did remotes we borrowed equipment from WIP because Dick Harris' father, Reg, was Chief Engineer and Reg's brother, Cliff, was Assistant Chief. This is when WIP was still located in the Gimbel Building at ninth and Markets Streets and was owned by Gimbel Brothers. WIP was equipped with Western Electric equipment throughout except for the auxiliary transmitter in Master Control which I seem to think was RCA. I have photos of those studios somewhere but they are 35mm slides....

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Photo originally donated by WHHS Radio
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