(Left to right) Rosa Roland, June Copeland, Blake Ritter
the unidentified pianist, Altea Alimonda and Lt. R. Staudacher
King's Cliffe Airfield in the United Kingdom
Summer 1944

All you "Action in the Afternoon" fans will love this photo. Wearing the tie and jacket in the center is Blake Ritter. Blake portrayed the newspaper (the Huberle Record) owner on "Action in the Afternoon." He was also the narrator on the show.

Blake also did announcing at the WCAU stations and went to WPBS which was the Evening Bulletin's FM radio station. The station was started after the Bulletin sold the WCAU stations to CBS.

This picture was sent to us by Art Sevigny, Master Sgt. (Retired), USAF. He's the Historian for the 20th Fighter Wing Association. It was taken in either June or July of 1944 at the King's Cliffe Airfield in the United Kingdom, the home of the 20th Fighter Group during the Second World War. The performer pictured were part of an USO show.

The base is no longer in use and was located about 12 miles west of Peterborough in Cambridgeshire. The 20th Fighter Group came from California and were stationed in the UK . They were nicknamed "The Loco Group" because of its many, successful attacks on enemy locomotives.

From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
Photo originally donated by MSgt Art Sevigny (Retired), USAF
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