(Left to right) Jerry Del Colliano, Bob Donze and Walter Moore (Walt Mocrytzki)
WRTI-FM Student Banquet
May 1966

Decades ago, WRTI-FM was the completely student-run radio station at Temple. Broadcast Pioneers President Jerry Klein was WRTI's last student station manager. In the mid-sixties, member Jerry Del Colliano co-hosted a Saturday evening comedy and variety show called "Party Time." Listen to the opening of the show and hear stars Bob Donze and Jerry Del Colliano sing. Walter Moore is the announcer. Jerry Del Colliano tells us:

Bob and I lived one block away from each other as kids.  We did our first Communion together -- white suits and all.  So when we went to Temple, we collaborated on an "act" that eventually was Bob & Jerry.  Bob wrote the music (to their theme).  He and I wrote the words.  Neither one of us could sing on key without radar but we must have looked funny.  His old Italian grandmother who never spoke a word of English lived with Bob.  We rehearsed at his house and his grandmother was in the room and she laughed her head off. When we asked his mother to ask her why she's laughing so hard she said, "they look funny."

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