Powers Gouraud

On Friday, October 17, 1941 at 11:30 pm over WCAU radio, the ol' night owl, Powers Gouraud sat down for his late evening radio broadcast, and talked with two of the best known people in show business, Georgie Jessel and Sophie Tucker. This broadcast originated from the office of Lawrence Shubert, general manager of the Forrest Theater, 1114 Walnut Street in Center City Philadelphia.

While this interview has been on our website since 2000, in February of 2008, we re-did the audio. The hiss in the recording was greatly reduced without changing the audio's tonal quality. Also, we removed many of the pops and clicks from the original recording wherever possible. Thus, today, the audio is clearer, with less hiss and far less pops and clicks. The original recording was done on a metal 16" transcription disc. It was transferred to audio tape at 7 and a half ips in 1967. While it is widely believed that the original transcription disc no longer exists, our recording was made from the 1967 audio tape which is in our archives.

Listen to the broadcast!

From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
Audio clip and photo originally donated by Broadcast Pioneers historian Gerry Wilkinson
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