Broadcast Pioneers member Gary Geers

In the 1960's, local Philadelphia television news was dominated by three news anchors. There was Broadcast Pioneers member John Facenda at WCAU-TV, Gunnar Back at WFIL-TV and Broadcast Pioneers member Vince Leonard at WRCV-TV/KYW-TV. All three have been inducted into our Hall of Fame. While it was a TV broadcast, we only have audio. Note the length of the stories were longer than the usual 20 to 30 seconds aired today.

The early morning newscasts that were aired during "The Today Show" were anchored in 1972 by Gary Geers. We have an excerpt in our archive from Tuesday, May 16, 1972. It's 8:25 am.

The stories on the newscast includes: The shooting of Governor George Wallace, Bicentennial in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Police get raise, PAL public service announcement, Philadelphia courts, cigarette prices in New Jersey goes up and 18 year olds in Jersey can drink, plus Horsing Racing in the Garden State year round and the weather.

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The night before , Vince Leonard on the 11 pm newscast covered the shooting. We have one clip here.

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