Shortly before Channel 3 in Philadelphia reverted back to the control of Westinghouse Broadcasting, the NBC O&O in Philly, WRCV-TV was using this audio track with their video slide ID. It dates from April of 1965 and was read live by announcer Bob Bradley.

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It's Tuesday morning, June 8, 1965. The station is still owned by NBC but the ownership will transfer back to Westinghouse in less than two weeks. Channel 3 had already started to carry "The Mike Douglas Show" which was produced by KYW-TV in Cleveland. When Channel 3 went back to Westinghouse ownership, "The Mike Douglas Show" moved to Philadelphia (along with the KYW call letters) and was produced here airing live from 12:30 to 2 pm. However, at the time of this announcement, the show still came out of Cleveland and was aired in Philadelphia on a one week delay. It had not yet moved into its afternoon time slot. The announcer is Bob Bradley.

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On Thursday, June 17, 1965, Bob Bradley did a live station break which was preceded by a recorded ten seconds spot for White Cap Pine Oil. It was just days before ownership of the station would revert back to Westinghouse broadcasting.

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Here's another live ID preceded by a Sylvan Seal Milk commercial. Both were done by announcer Gary Geers on Thursday, June 17, 1965. It would be one of the last IDs for Channel 3 as an NBC O&O stations. This station break was later than the one just above on the same date. Note that the booth announcing shift had changed. Gary Geers is now in the announce booth.

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