Here's another one of those TONIGHT broadcasts from 1958. This one from September 16, 1958 features Broadcast Pioneers members John Roberts and Francis Davis. However, what makes this clip really interesting is the report by a stringer for WFIL by the name of Jim Klash.

Broadcast Pioneers member Gerry Wilkinson writes:

I first met Jim Klash in 1970 when I joined the staff of WDAS AM & FM. He was a light-skinned African American, one of the first in the Philadelphia general broadcasting market. Jim had a way with words and knew how to turn a phrase. By 1970, he was writing all the stations editorials for WDAS. I worked closely with him late in 70 when the stations started their HELP A JUNKIE, BUST A PUSHER. We were trying to help get drugs off the street and the campaign won several awards.

However, Jim's real joy wasn't in the honor but in helping the community. He was very deeply involved. He was sort of a "tough old bird," but I mean that in a most kind way. He was a fighter and fought for truth, justice and the American way. He was a real life superman. He just didn't wear the cape and didn't dress in funny tights. But he was a superman just the same.

Jim helped Philadelphia radio break the color barrier and was one of the very first respected news people to make it in general market radio, regardless of color. It was a sad day for me personally in 1973 when he passed away during heart surgery. Shortly before the operating day, Jim had commented to me, "I'm going to win because I don't accept no for an answer." Jim didn't beat the heart disease, but he really was a winner.

He fought racial injustice and won. He proved that talent and ability was the real key. He led the way for others to follow. I am proud to have called Jim Klash a friend and more proud to say my friend was indeed a broadcast pioneer and a leader in the industry.

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