Paul Sullivan
KALL Radio, Salt Lake City, Utah

1951 (one year before he came to Philadelphia

Here's a couple excerpts from the "Quaker Question Mike" sponsored by the Quaker Food Stores, a co-op of local grocers. The program was broadcast four times a day on WIP Radio.

The two excerpts we have are from September 1958 and both were aired on Joe McCauley's program. In fact, Joe can be heard at the end of each excerpt. The Quaker Question Man was Paul Sullivan. Be advised that the quality on both is not great. We are aware of this. However, it's the best we have at the moment.

Excerpt #1

Excerpt #2

From Fresno, California, we received an e-mail from Paul Sullivan, Jr., Paul's son. He wrote:

What a surprise to see my Dad listed on the Phila. Broadcast Pioneers' Web page. Believe it or not the family has absolutley no recordings of my Dad's broadcast work.

Dad's last job was at WCOJ Coatsville in the sunset of his career. He spent his remaining years living in Drexel Hill visited periodically by a few close friends, reading and listening to short wave radio. He died in 1986.

Did you know he went to London when Ed. R. Morrow was there and did a few transatlantic broadcasts? He told me Murrow could never remember his name and introduced him with the line.."here is a voice you'll recognize." Dad didn't think to highly of Ed Murrow.... I spent 18 years as a broadcast journalist here in Fresno then left the biz for law enforcement....

Once again thank you so much for considering my Dad worthy of being listed and extending him that honor.

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