Cast of "The Children's Hour
WCAU Radio

Here's a photo from "the Children's Hour" sponsored by Horn and Hardart. The show aired for three decades over WCAU Radio.

Top Row (left to right):

Sonny Knopp, George Cohan, Judy Shin (later known as Judy Lee), Charlie Swier, Tootsie Craig, Ady Adams, Mr. Stan Lee Broza, Ruth Watson, Mr. Billy James, Betsie Austin, Joseph Jovenelli, Anthony Angelo, Leonard Fuller, Hal Harden, Joe Singer

Second Row from the Top (Left to right):

Norman Benson (later known as "Red" Benson), Eadie Edwards, Johnnie Struthers, Mickey Boy, Patsy Ruth Miller, Maurice Belmont, Mona Wilson, Marty Zisserman, Kitty Kallen, Buddy Harris, Ellen Marr

Third Row from the Top (Left to right):

David Vernick, Antoinette Ventrella, Lester Leroy, Irma Winn, Donald Jacoby, Bernie Potter, Mertise Anderton, Robert Smith, Hy Rossin, Mrs. Stan Lee (Esther) Broza

Four Row from the Top (Left to right):

Jackie Devine, Rita Ruth, Bobby Dukes, Junior Ackerman, Jimmie Reid, Roseanne Quigley, Jerry Friday, Mickey Br (rest of name not readable - looks like about six letters in last name), Shirley Dukes, Jerry Donahue (WFIL Radio's Production Manager when they went rock), Phyllis Brown, Helene Rose, Harold Zisserman, Martha Riley, Gracie Winthrop, Roselyn Patton.

Robert Smith, Ruth Watson, Sonny Knopp, Bobby Dukes, and Patsy Miller (all seen in this photo) are were given credit in a March 1933 broadcast which you can hear right here.

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