Jane Norman as "Space Girl"
WCAU-TV Official Photo
circa 1962

We all know Broadcast Pioneers member Jane Norman as "Pixanne." However, Jane also played the role of "Space Girl" which was a local Channel 10 sci-fi children's program that aired Saturdays for about a year starting in 1962.

The reason was that WCAU-TV was looking to increase revenue by adding another Jane Norman vehicle for kids. Space Girl was more elaborate than Pixanne. It was sometimes shot on location and always aired on videotape. Pixanne was live but also on videotape. Jane Norman was the first children's show host to go on location.

Jane said that usually the Space Girl program originated from the station's studios. Her set at Channel 10 was a flying saucer surrounded by other kinds of props. However, sometimes it went on the road. Like the time they went to the General Electric Space Center in New Jersey. That's where the last two shot.

From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
Photos originally donated by Broadcast Pioneers member Jane Norman
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