(Left to right) Bill Wright, Sr., and Bill Wright, Jr.
WABT-TV, Channel 13, Birmingham, Alabama

Broadcast Pioneers member Bill Wright, Sr. had a children's program in Birmingham, Alabama on Channel 13, WABT-TV (We're Alabama's Best Television). His kids show experience started in radio as "Cousin Bill" on the "Miss Anne and the Comics" radio program.

Wright's program was entitled, "Uncle Bill's Fun Shop" and had live kids in the audience. In the show's opening, "Uncle Bill" arrived at the station in a 1921 Model T Ford called "Bouncalot." It was purchased at a nearby used car lot for $300 and was also used for Bill's personal appearances.

Shortly after "Fun Shop" came on the air, they did a show at noon called, "Snicker Flickers" where they played old silent comedies. There was piano music in the background played by Professor Huel Murphy and Bill did the narration. Bill did the show for about two years before returning to radio at WBRC, which was owned by Storer Broadcasting. He did the morning radio program and then in the afternoons did TV with "Uncle Bill and Spooky." He did the broadcasts for about a half year and then came to Philadelphia to work for the Storer station here, WIBG.

Bill Wright tells us that when Storer owned WVUE-TV, Channel 12 in Wilmington, they had a belt-tightening budget and "Uncle Pete Boyle" was let go. Wright, who was already on the Storer payroll at WIBG Radio, was called to fill the time with a Philadelphia version of "Uncle Bill's Fun Shop." It only lasted about a half year and then Storer handled the Channel 12 license back in the FCC.

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Photo originally donated by Broadcast Pioneers member Bill Wright, Sr.
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