(Left to right) Weldon Walker and Nat Wright
WTTG-TV, Channel 5, Washington, DC

Before coming to Philadelphia to broadcast, Broadcast Pioneers member Nat Wright worked in the nation's capital, Washington, DC. He was born in nearby Baltimore, Maryland. In 2004, Nat wrote his own bio. Here's part of what he said:

I was bitten by the broadcast bug in early 1951, when radio was still the dominant broadcast medium, although TV was swiftly rising. I launched a span of over 41 years on the air starting BRR (Before Rock & Roll), ending surrounded by RRR (Realm of Raucous Rock) in late 1992 … along the way working in all major music formats plus news.

I labored and learned though the hungry years at small radio stations from Hagerstown MD to Dover DE to Reading PA to Alexandria VA … finally landing more nourishing on-air fare at WWDC-AM and WTTG-TV, both in DC.

I made a major career and life change in 1961, joining both personality and news lineups at WIP Radio in Philadelphia, where I gained the great experience of working with the legendary Joe McCauley, morning icon Ken Garland, longtime close buddy Wee Willie Webber, fellow shortie Tom Moran, tall Tom Lamaine and quintessential news pro John Paul Weber. In 1967 I was tapped to be host of the second-oldest all-night radio show in the nation, WIP’s Dawn Patrol, once famously hosted by Joe McCauley and named after the hit 1930s movie. Because the time slot fit well with outside activities and also gave me much leeway for program innovation, I remained on-air pilot for 17 years, making me the longest-lasting host of the Dawn Patrol. I was grounded, along with the show, in 1984, when WIP began its switch to an all-talk, eventually all-sports, format.

I then briefly dabbled in argumentative talk at WWDB-FM, wrapping up my eclectic itinerary in balloon-stuffing with a morning radio show in Trenton NJ. Other concurrent local gigs included doing voice-overs and fill-ins at Philadelphia channels 48 and 29 in the 70s, along with teaching broadcasting at a Center City vocational school (now defunct, although I didn’t kill it off).

The above photo was taken at WTTG-TV. Nat worked at WWDC (AM) during the week and on television on weekends. Wright was the sidekick to DC television news anchor "Big Buddy" Weldon Walker.

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