(Left to right) Peggy King and James Garner
Publicity Still from the TV series "Maverick"

Broadcast Pioneers member Peggy King played the role of Jenny Hill on the ABC-TV series called "Maverick." The show starred James Garner as Bret Maverick. The episode that Peggy was in was called, "The Strange Journey of Jenny Hill." The original air date was on March 29, 1959. It was episode 26 of the second season and it was the last episode of that season.

This particular episode was really a showcase for Peggy. She receives a rare "guest star" billing in the opening credits. In that program, Jenny Hill keeps moving from town to town for short singing engagements. The question is why? She can get longer employment if she wanted it. Maverick keeps following her in hopes that Jenny will lead him to her outlaw husband. Bret starts to fall in love with Hill but he isn't aware that Jenny is touring the west looking for her fugitive spouse. Unfortunately, Maverick is also seeking him out.

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Photo originally donated by Broadcast Pioneers member Peggy King
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