(Left to right) Bill "Wee Willie" Webber and Bill Webber, Jr.
at a Phillies game

Bill Webber Jr. worked part-time in the late 70’s as an independent mobile DJ. He also did part-time stints at WNAR-AM in Norristown, WQIQ-AM in Chester and WTDR-AM, the carrier current AM station for the Temple University dormitories.

He graduated from the School of Communications and Theater at Temple in 1981. In his senior year, Bill Jr. had an internship through Temple at WIOQ-FM in Philadelphia. He was hired at the end of the internship and worked there full-time until 1987. He was an air personality and music director. He got to work with a great staff including Ed Sciaky, David Dye, Helen Leicht, Harvey-in-the-Morning, Michael Tozzi and Alex Demers.

As MD at WIOQ, Bill Jr. used the software program Selector from RCS, one of the first computerized music scheduling systems. He also was one of the first users of RCS’s DJ Select which later became Master Control, a studio automation system. In 1987, he was hired by RCS and has been with the company ever since.

Bill Jr. was the Product Manager for Selector for most of that time. In 2006, RCS was acquired by Clear Channel. In 2007, he was promoted to the Director of Development and is now based full-time at the corporate headquarters in White Plains, NY. He lives in Irvington, NY with his wife Nora and daughter Grace.

Bill Jr. is the proud son of Bill Webber, long-time Philadelphia radio and TV personality. Bill Jr. was privileged to appear with his father on numerous Easter Seals and March of Dimes telethons. Their first TV appearance together was on a commercial for Penn Fruit in 1964.

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