Broadcast Pioneers members Sally Starr with Charlie Gracie
Sunday, May 11, 2003 (Mother's Day)
at the WVLT studios

On Monday, July 14, 1952, future Rock & Roll legend Charlie Gracie appeared on Paul Whiteman's TV Show originating live from WFIL-TV in Philadelphia.

By the way, two interesting footnotes to the audio. Whiteman talks about his friend, WFIL-TV Program Director (our organization's 4th President) Jack Steck. Steck hosted a Sunday amateur show at the old Woodside Park Amusement Park. Woodside would later be torn down and become the home for the next 40 years of WDAS Radio, which was owned by long time Broadcast Pioneers member & former Vice-President, Max M. Leon.

Listen to "Pops" Whiteman and his co-host Judy introduce Charlie Gracie called "Charles" at that time and aired nationally over the ABC Television Network.


From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
Audio clip photo originally donated by Charlie Gracie & his son, Charlie Gracie, Jr.
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