WCAU-TV Advertisement

This was a print advertisement published in several publications for famed The Children's Hour. It dates from 1956. At that time, WCAU-TV, Channel 10 was owned by the The Evening Bulletin newspaper and affiliated by the CBS-TV network.

Some of the personnel is this advertisement include:

Stephen Perloff (front row-right above the letter T in The Children's Hour)
JoAnn Mariano (to Stephen's right)
Patty Mariano (to JoAnn's right)
Dean Stolber (to Patty's right)
Bob Mariano (1 row up from Stephen and to his right)
Susan Brookman, later known as Susan Barrett (Top row - to the right of Stan Lee Broza)
Trish Dwelly (who later appeared on the Jack Paar show)(top row to the left of Stan Lee Broza

Elaine Perloff, a visitor to our website sent us this ad to us (we had a copy, but this one is better and clearer). She said:

My Husband, Stephen Perloff, Esq. was 8 years old at the time. Stephen told me that Esther Broza was the real producer of the show, but Stan Lee Broza got most of the credit. The (Musical) Director was Merrill Brockway.

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Advertisement originally donated by Elaine Perloff
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