Both pictures show
Broadcast Pioneers member Harry Harris
on the set of "Columnists' Corner"
WCAU-TV, Philadelphia

Here's a couple of photos of Broadcast Pioneers member Harry Harris on the set of his TV show, "Columnists' Corner" which aired over WCAU-TV, Channel 10 in Philadelphia. At that time the station was owned by "The Evening Bulletin."

We have dated these snapshots as 1956 for one reason. In both pictures, the teleprompter reads:

...Pictures include "The Robe," Cecil B. DeMille's "The Ten Commandments" and two extravaganzas with Marilyn Monroe."

"The Ten Commandments" was released in 1956 with "The Robe" three years earlier. So this is why we date these photos as 1956.

Harry left the Bulletin (who owned Channel 10) in 1954 to go with TV Guide and then went with The Inquirer in 1956 (whether these photos are during the late TV Guide era or early Inquirer era, we do not know). In 1956, he ends up on Channel 10 (Walter Annenberg owned Channel 6 and also TV Guide and the Inquirer). However, in the early days of TV, a crossover was more common. Phil Sheridan was doing morning drive on WFIL Radio (Channel 6's radio station) and doing the TV weather on Channel 10 during 1956.

From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
Photos originally donated by Harry Harris' family
Written and researched by Broadcast Pioneers member Gerry Wilkinson
© 2009, Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
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