Dave Roberts, a Broadcast Pioneer

Dave Roberts at WBUF-TV, Buffalo

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In 1956, David Boreanaz, (no, not Angel on the TV Series, but his dad, Dave Roberts - Boreanaz is his real last name) got a break in television at WBUF-TV, the NBC O & O in Buffalo, New York. His first pay check as a booth announcer (July 13, 1956) was for $47.80. Dave, by the way, while broadcasting in Buffalo used the air name of Dave Thomas.

While we hope that Broadcast Pioneers member Dave Robert's check is now at least a little larger, do keep in mind that it was Channel 17, an UHF station. Back then, television sets were manufactured with only VHF tuners. Vieweres wishing to tune to channels 14 to 83 (now 14 to 69) had to purchase a special UHF tuner and have it installed on their television set. Many people never did this. The station went dark in 1958 with NBC donating the license to WNED-TV for the beginning of Public Television in the Buffalo market. Dave Roberts was our Person of the Year in 2000 and has been inducted into our Hall of Fame.

From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
Video still taken from tape donated by WPVI and Broadcast Pioneers member Dave Roberts.
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