Here's a couple photos of Broadcast Pioneers member Dave Roberts when he was known as Dave Thomas at WKBW-TV in Buffalo.

The Dialing for Dollars Gang
WKBW-TV, Buffalo

Dave Thomas known as Dave Roberts in Philadelphia
WKBW-TV, Buffalo

Robin Mather, a visitor to our website e-mailed: As one born and raised in Toronto (it's near Buffalo), just let me say that Rocketship 7 was my favourite TV. show for a long, long time. As I write this, I'm flashing back to fond memories of Mr. Beeper, Promo the Robot, the Sweetly's and the kissing Gourami fish (who, by the way, rarely kissed). I loved the wonderful Warner Brothers cartoons that ran uncut with all their glorious violence intact.... Most of my ability to quote Bugs accurately dates back to hours spent with the Rocketship. I remember that Mr. Beeper started out as a dark grey cloth puppet and Promo was very silver and box-like. However, a few years into the show's run, both had a makeover and Mr. Beeper grew bright blue fur (he looked a bit like shag carpet) and Promo became more rounded and aero-dynamic. I expect that was around the time the show switched to being broadcast in colour. The Sweetly's weren't originally part of the show and if memory serves, Mr. Sweetly was very much a curmudgeon. Pretty much every kid in my neighbourhood tuned into Rocketship 7 before heading off to school.

From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
Photos courtesy of the Buffalo Broadcast Pioneers
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