(left to right) Ed Harvey with Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
WCAU Radio Studios

On Saturdays in the mid to late sixties, Broadcast Pioneers member Ed Harvey played a game with his WCAU Radio listeners. Ed would have a famous person on the telephone line and the listener would have to guess who the famous person was. The celebrity disguised their voice but always told the truth to the questions asked by Ed Harvey.

On Saturday, February 11, 1967, Ed had two different well-known people on his show and what we have in our archives is the second guest. We are purposely not going to tell you who the famous person is, so you can play along too.

Just for your own information, the guest is NOT Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. who is pictured in the above snapshot. Fairbanks was a movie star and appeared in his first motion picture in 1916 at the age of five. In the fifties, he hosted a TV series called, "Douglas Fairbanks Presents." After that, he devoted most of his time to guest appearances on TV.

From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
Photo and audio originally donated by Broadcast Pioneers member Ed Harvey
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