A well known radio and television personality in Philadelphia for the last 45 years or so has been Broadcast Pioneers member Hy Lit, was known to his listeners as Hyski. In the sixties, Hy had a television program on WKBS-TV, Channel 48 in Philadelphia. The station was owned at the time by Kaiser Broadcasting. Lit's program was on the air from 1965 to 1971 and these photos date from 1967.

Sheri Lane and Hy Lit

Sherri Lane, Hy Lit and Roxanne

Hy Lit on the set
Photo taken by Marie Esher Coia

Harold, Sherri, Hy Lit, Roxanne and guest on the show's set

The above identification was supplied by Sherri Lane who sent us the photos. Marie Esher Coia, a visitor to our website said that she was also a featured dancer on the show. She e-mailed: The two girls on the right are not Roxanne, but Kathy and the one on the end was not a guest but me, Marie, who was on the show for two years from April, 1968 until the show went off the air in March 1970.

From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
Photos originally donated by Sherri Lane, who was Hy Lit's Go-Go dancer during the whole run of the Channel 48 show
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