One of the warmest people ever to work in Philadelphia television was Jim O'Brien. He came to Philly as a "Boss Jock" on Famous 56, WFIL Radio.

He wanted to move into TV. However, he had to go to WCAU-TV to do it. He was their weathercaster for a weekend, but they couldn't see his talents and was quickly let go. A little while later, he got the nod at Channel 6.

There wasn't anyone like Jim O'Brien. Not before and not since. He was a one of a kind guy. They broke the mold after making him.

He also anchored the 5 pm newscast with Broadcast Pioneers member Marc Howard. But he will forever be remembered as a weathercaster. Here's four off-air stills from his time at Channel 6.

From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
Stills used with the permission and authority of WPVI, Channel 6
Tape from which the stills were taken was supplied to us by WPVI

Additional still courtesy of Ron Turner and the Famous website
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