Broadcast Pioneers members Kal Rudman (left) and Ed Sciaky (right)
Wednesday, September 18, 2002
Broadcast Pioneers Luncheon

On Wednesday, September 18, 2002, after our monthly luncheon, Broadcast Pioneers member Ed Sciaky spoke with member Kal Rudman. This oral history interview is another in our series of webcasts called "Pioneers in Broadcasting."

We have now become accustomed to web video being excellent. However, in 2002, when this interview was recorded, it was not very good. Streaming video was in the infancy stages. Today, we stream at 30 frames a second, just like television. However, the technology of 2002 would only allow 4 or 5 frames a second and thus, it would appear to be choppy. Also, technology at that time wasn't able to sync up the audio and video well.

We call this to your attention because the video we are streaming on this page dates from 2002. We hope that someday, time will allow us to re-encode this using today's technology.

Watch Part One of the interview
Watch Part Two

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