The WFIL-TV Crew in 1955

Here is a photo of the WFIL-TV remote truck while broadcasting the Mummers Parade in January of 1955.

Left to right here are the names of persons in the photo:
1. Bill Mobray
2. Unidentified
3. Chuck Kachur (leaning out window) (Chuck left WFIL after the 1964 strike and went to KYW-TV, now deceased)
4. Al Matter, a Television Director, now deceased
5. John Wright, Management Engineering Supervisor, now deceased (John left WFIL and was the Chief Engineer of WRTI and the Temple University School of Communications & Theater Facilities)
6. Broadcast Pioneers member Walt Beaulieu, Engineering Supervisor, now retired
7. Ernie Lane, Cameraman (Ernie left WFIL after the 1964 strike and worked at ABC in New York until his death)
8. Harry K. Smith, Announcer, now deceased
9. John Hoban, a Television Director
10. Camera operator Neil McEnroe (above John Hoban)

Longtime tech Charlie Higgins e-mailed: "...I do not know where the truck was then located, I'm sorry to say. I don't even recall how it is that I have the photo because I was not working at WFIL until 1960."

Broadcast Pioneers member Bud Galow e-mailed that Harry K. Smith passed away on October 2, 2001 at the age of 85. Besides his work in the Philadelphia market, Harry worked at WMAL-TV in Washington and the CBS affiliate in Fort Lauderdale. Smith was an Army veteran of the Second World War.

From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
Picture originally donated by Charlie Higgins
Some identifications by Ed Elias, Engineering Supervisor (WPVI)
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