The two radio stations most people in Philadelphia remember having give away record lists were WFIL when it was "Famous 56" and WIBG, "The Big 99." However, WFIL had giveaway lists in the fifties (when they were not Rock & Roll). So did WDAS and WIP, just to name a few. What we see above is a WIP give away list from November 5, 1960. It is the earliest WIP list we have. Were there earlier ones? If anyone knows, please e-mail us.

Dick Carr, who worked at WIP at this time, e-mailed:

Began surfing the web today for a while and ran across your web site. Came up with lots of fun stuff from the old WIP days, even a re-print of the WIP Tunedex music chart from November 5, 1960 and there was my picture! I was a disc jockey on WIP 1960-1963, Program Director 1963-1968, VP/GM 1968-1970. I went on to WNEW in NYC and ABC Radio Network. Today, I run Park Outdoor Advertising in Syracuse, Elmira, Utica/Rome and Binghamton. I also have a weekly jazz show on WAER, Jazz 88 the Syracuse University station.

From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
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