WCAU Transmitter Staff in the 1930's
(Left to right) Technicians Jim Cunnie and Albert Gengenbach, Plant Engineer Charles Miller and Technician Jim Hart.

This picture was posed at the front entrance of the WCAU Newtown Square Transmitter Plant sometime in the 1930's. There were others also assigned to the transmitter not shown in this photograph. Cunnie started with WCAU in April of 1928, retired July of 1963 and died in October of 1984. Gengenbach started at WCAU in July 1929, retired in February of 1971 and died during December of 1984. Miller started in 1930 and is only deceased a few years ago. Others working at Newtown Square and Moorestown, after the transmitter site moved there in 1941 were Millard Johnson, Hendry (spelled correctly--his nickname was Hank) Byam, Sam Sabaroff, Edward Carroll and John Pelter.

From the official archives of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia
Photo originally donated by Charlie Higgins
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