We use two formats of video on our website. Windows Media and Real Video. In order to view video encoded in the Windows Media Format, you must have the Windows Media Player installed on your computer. Most computers that use Windows come from the factory with this player already installed. If you are using a Mac, you will have to download and install the program. It is available for free. Some of our video is encoded to play on the Real Player. Again, you must have this player installed on your computer. It is free also.

A word about our video! The quality varies from cut to cut. This is for many reasons. First, the original material may not have been in the best condition. Second, the encoding was state of the art when done. However, technology has progressed to the point where Internet video is now excellent. Once in awhile, we re-encode the video to today's higher standards. For the most part, the encoding has been as it originally was encoded. Somewhere down the road, it would be nice if we could re-encode the video with today's better technology. Until that time, we thought we would leave what we have posted. One way you can tell if older video has been updated is whether it is available in both formats. If it is, it has been encoded in the last few years.

We have received several e-mails as to why we continue to use the Real Video format. The answer is simple. Most of the video comes out clearer in Real Video. However, we are also aware that many people don't have the Real Player installed on their computer, so that's why it's in two formats.

Our Video


Last Year's Nest (WPTZ)


Hansel and Gretel (WPTZ)


Andy McKay's home movies of Ernie Kovacs at WPTZ


Television Kitchen with Florence Hanford (WPTZ)

Action in the Afternoon (WCAU-TV)


Willie the Worm (WCAU-TV)

Alan Scott and Joe Earley as Mr. Rivets (WPTZ)

Paul Whiteman, Happy the Clown, Chief Halftown & Sally Starr (WFIL-TV)


Color Film of Channel 3 Stars (WPTZ)

Channel 3's Rex Trailer (WPTZ)


John Zacherle as Roland (WCAU-TV)


Gary Geers on "Farm, Home and Garden" (WRCV-TV)

Commercials by Happy the Clown & Phil Sheridan


Bertie the Bunyip (WRCV-TV)

Plastic World TV Commercial Outtakes with Larry Brown


The Gene London Show (WCAU-TV)


Jerry Blavat on "The Discophonic Scene" (WCAU-TV)


Bertie the Bunyip at the Mall


Wee Willie Webber's Cartoon Club (WPHL-TV)


Dialing for Dollars (WPVI-TV)

Dr. Shock (WPHL-TV)

Terry Ruggles (WZZM-TV, Grand Rapids)


RJ, Ron Joseph (WTAF-TV)


Larry Kane - Action News Promo (WPVI-TV)

Action News with Larry Kane, April 27, 1976 (WPVI-TV)

Action News, July 29, 1976 - Larry Kane, Jim O'Brien & Don Toffelson (WPVI-TV)


Dr. Shock (WPHL-TV)

Joe Pellegrino - Action News Promo (WPVI-TV)


Dr. Shock & George Benson (WPHL-TV)

Don Tollefson - Action News Promo (WPVI-TV)

Marc Howard, Jim Gardner & Jim O'Brien Promo (WPVI-TV)


Terry Ruggles at 3-Mile Island (WCAU-TV)

Dave Roberts and Calvin Holt on "AM Philadelphia" (WPVI-TV)

Don Toffelson interviews Pete Rose (WPVI-TV)


John Facenda on "Ten Around Town" (WCAU-TV)

Terry Ruggles on the Iranian Hostage Crisis (WCAU-TV)

Evening Magazine presents "The KYW Newsradio Story" (KYW-TV)


There Goes That News Van" Promo (WPVI-TV)


Station Identification (KYW-TV)

Philadelphia First Spots (KYW-TV)

Ten Around Town with Steve Levy & Cherie Bank (WCAU-TV)


Death of Jim O'Brien - Action News at 11 pm (WPVI-TV)

Jim O'Brien talks about Jim O'Brien

Jim O'Brien does the Weather


Bill Baldini accepting an Emmy on behalf of John Facenda

Larry Kane & Alan Frio report the death of John Facenda (WCAU-TV)

Mike Strug does a package on Dave Stanley, Gary Geers and Jerry Penacoli (KYW-TV)


Steve Levy reports about Walt MacDonald and traffic reports (WCAU-TV)

Tug McGraw, You Gotta Believe (WPVI-TV)


An on air promo for Action News (WPVI-TV)


"Live on City Line" with Matt Lauer, Sheela Allen, John Zacherle & Dennis Cunningham (WCAU-TV)

Wally Kennedy interviews Frank Rizzo (WPVI-TV)


The Home Front on "Action News" (WPVI-TV)

Krass Brothers Commercial

WSNI Commercial

Willie the Worm (WCAU-TV)

Terry Ruggles, Steve Levy, John Blunt, Dennis Woltering, Doreen Gentzler & Alan Frio (WCAU-TV)

Herb Denenberg TV Promo (WCAU-TV)


Dick Standish & Dick Sheeran on Eyewitness News (KYW-TV)

Eagle 106 (WEGX-FM) TV Commercial

Beverly Williams on Eyewitness News (KYW-TV)

Jack Jones & Dick Sheeran on Eyewitness News (KYW-TV)

Jack Jones & Ukee Washington on Eyewitness News (KYW-TV)

Tom Lamaine on Eyewitness News (KYW-TV)

Pat Farnack promo for KYW Newsradio

Station ID & Promo (WGBS-TV, Channel 57)

News Promo for Lisa Thomas-Laury (WPVI-TV)

An on air announcement about the station's license renewal (WPVI-TV)


Monica Malpass on Action News (WPVI)

Closing to "Friday Night Frights" (WPHL-TV)

Larry Ferrari (WPVI-TV)


Diane Allen (WCAU-TV)

Jim Gardner (WPVI-TV)

Les Waas "Replaces" Herb Clarke (Broadcast Pioneers Banquet)

Frank Rizzo Funeral Coverage (WCAU-TV)

Ten People Town Promo (WCAU-TV)


Paul Norton Signs On Station (WPVI-TV)

Chief Halftown (WPVI-TV)

Monica Malpass, Rick Williams & Dave Frankel promo (WPVI-TV)

Ed Cunningham interviewing Richie Ashburn (WHYY-TV)

Chuck Gagliardi and Carol Erickson (Comcast Cable)


Larry Ferrari (WPVI)

Ed Hurst talks about his Aquarama TV Show

The Pride of Philadelphia Promo (KYW-TV)

Austin Culmer (WYBE-TV)

Tug McGraw (WPVI-TV)

Captain & Mrs. Noah (WPVI-TV)

1993 Hall of Fame Honorees

Dave Roberts "Lousy Weather" Promo (WPVI-TV)

Gary Papa and his father (WPVI-TV)


Jerry Blavat talks with Dick Clark

Station Identification (WPVI-TV)


Al Alberts (WPVI-TV)

Roy Shapiro on TV Spot for WPHT Radio


Tribute to Jim O'Brien (WPVI-TV)

John Roberts & Jerry Klein speak about the Beginning of WRTI


Our 2000 Scholarship Winners Speak

John Roberts tells some Stories

Neil Harvey tells about what can go wrong with a live spot

Neil Harvey tells about a live commercial during a live newscast

Johnny Lerro, "the Green Grocer®"

John Roberts, George Finkel & Paul Norton discuss WFIL-TV

Herb Clarke addresses the organization

Max E. Solomon addresses the organization

12 Past President of the Broadcast Pioneers Speak

Our Hall of Fame/Person of the Year Banquet

Interview with George Koehler


Marc Howard & Paul Norton address the organization

Bill Campbell on "Philly Live" (WYBE)

Our 2001 Scholarship Winners speak

Ed Harvey addresses the organization

Al Meltzer addresses the organization

Herb Clarke speaks with Pretty Perky Peggy King

Hy Lit & Bill Wright, Sr. address the organization

NBC 10 Day at the Broadcast Pioneers

Our Person of the Year/Hall of Fame Banquet

Sam Bushman addresses the organization

Gene Crane addresses the organization

Vai Sikahema addresses the organization


KYW Newsradio on UPN 57 (WPSG)

Herb Clarke speaks with Dick Covington, the voice of KYW Newsradio

Raymond F. Green talks about his dad

George Finkel talks about producing & directing the Super Bowl

Philadelphia TV Kids' Hosts Luncheon

Our Symposium at NBC-10

Mike Nise remembers his dad, Frank Nise

Our Scholarship Winners & the Group "No Reason 4"

KYW-TV Day at the Broadcast Pioneers

Sharon Pinkenson addresses the organization

Glenn Schwartz talks about Wally Kinnan (WCAU-TV)

John Bolaris says Goodbye to Philadelphia

Person of the Year & Hall of Fame Dinner

The WIP Reunion at the Broadcast Pioneers


Our Person of the Year/Hall of Fame Dinner

Jay Meyers addresses the organization

Marc Howard addresses the organization

Merrill Reese addresses the organization

The 2003 Broadcast Symposium

Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz addresses the organization

Banyan Productions speaks to the organization

Jack Whitaker speaks to the organization

2003 Careers in Media Night

Ukee Washington Sings & Joe Pellegrino Joins in


Michael Smerconish addresses the organization

Frank Rizzo addresses the organization

Wally Kennedy addresses the organization

Dr. Craig Monroe addresses the organization

Diane Allen addresses the organization

The Broadcast Pioneers Symposium for 2004

Dawn Timmeney addresses the organization

Tom Lamaine addresses the organization

Roger LaMay addresses the organization

Our Hall of Fame/Person of the Year Dinner

Career Night at Rowan University

Ruben Amaro, Jr. addresses the organization

Channel 48 ID (WGTW)


Tom Brookshier addresses the organization

Author Jim Rosin addresses the organization

Rock Legend Charlie Gracie addresses the organization

Les Waas addresses the organization

Our 2005 Broadcast Symposium

Elise Brown addresses the organization

Monica Malpass addresses the organization

Larry Mendte addresses the organization

KYW Newsradio personnel address the organization

Jim Loftus, GM of WOGL addresses the organization

Broadcast Pioneers' Career Night at Temple University

Person of the Year & Hall of Fame Banquet

Jere Sullivan & Margaret Cronan Address the Organization


Glen Macnow addresses the organization

Walt Hunter addresses the organization

Larry Kane addresses the organization

Caroline Welch addresses the organization

Ray Didinger addresses the organization

Terry Ruggles addresses the organization

Our WFIL, Famous 56 Luncheon

Unveiling of the Farnsworth Historical Marker in Wyndmoor

John Zacherle, Sally Starr and Karen "Stella" Scioli at the Broadcast Pioneers

Our Hall of Fame/Person of the Year Banquet

Jerry Lee addresses the organization

2006 College Symposium


Bill Campbell, Joe Pellegrino, Merrill Reese & Tom Brookshier address the organization

Howard Eskin, Dom Giordano, Ed Harvey, Irv Homer & Wally Kennedy

Lew Klein addresses the organization

Our 2007 College Symposium at WPVI-TV

Dawn Stensland addresses the organization

George Koehler talks about Walter Annenberg & Famous 56

Gene London singing his Theme Song


Jimmy Hirschfeld & John Zacherle speak at one of our luncheons!


Our Sports Luncheon!

Our Tribute to Al Alberts Luncheon!

40 Years of Action News Luncheon!

Tribute to Tom Brookshier!

Our 2010 scholarship winners!

Our Tribute to Malcolm Poindexter!

Celebration of KYW Newsradio's 45th birthday & reunion

Celebration of 45 Years of Eyewitness News

Tribute to Bill "Wee Willie" Webber

Our Symposium at 6ABC, WPVI-TV

Our Person of the Year/Hall of Fame Banquet

Holiday Festival at the Broadcast Pioneers


Our Sports Luncheon!

Album Oriented Radio Luncheon!

63 Years of Channel 10 Reunion!

Our April Luncheon with Karen Curry, Allen Sabinson, Scott Palmer & Al Meltzer

Our Scholarship Winners!

Tribute to Joe Grady!

Jim O'Brien Remembered!

Dave Coskey, Karen Scioli & Larry Kane

Our Annual Banquet!

Tribute to Cardinal John P. Foley!

Alan Boris, Al Meltzer, Jerry Blavat, Gerry Wilkinson, Jerry Klein, Gene Arnold and more!


Our Herb Clarke Tribute Page!

Our Andy Musser Tribute Page!

Our John Roberts Tribute Page!

Music and Radio luncheon!

Our Sports Luncheon!

90 Years of WIP Radio!

Our Spring Student Career Night!

Bob Backman, Steve Highsmith, Elliot Abrams and Captain Noah

90 Years of WCAU Radio/WPHT!

80 Years of Channel 3!

Our tour of KYW Newsradio and WIP SportsRadio!

A Tribute to John Roberts!

How Broadcasting Covers Elections!

Our Person of the Year/Hall of Fame Banquet!

Tribute to Dick Clark & American Bandstand!


Broadcasting and the Presidency Luncheon Discussion!

All Things Sports 2013 Panel Discussion!

Our 2013 Career Night at Temple University!

Monica Malpass, Bill Roswell & Jim Loftus plus scholarship winners!

A celebration of 50 Years of B101!

A Tribute to Herb Clarke!

Our Tour of Citizens Bank Park!

A celebration of 48 years of WPHL-TV!

Our October 2013 Potpourri!

Our 2013 College Symposium at WPVI!

Our Annual Banquet!

Our Tribute to Sally Starr!


How Do Local Stations Cover National Stories!

The Role Sports Plays in Local Newscasts & Broadcast Programming

Career Night at Temple University!

Spring Potpourri of Speakers!

Ray Didinger, Jim Murray, Tommy McCarthy and Trudy Haynes
(May 21, 2014 Luncheon)

A Tribute to WPEN - The Station of the Stars!
(June 18, 2014 Luncheon)

Tour of the CBS Broadcast Center
(Tuesday, July 22, 2014)

The Beatles and WIBG Radio
(Wednesday, September 17, 2014)

Our 2014 Banquet!

Out December Holiday Luncheon!


Tribute to Bill Campbell!

Winter Potpourri of Speakers Luncheon!

45 Years of Action News Plus our 2015 Scholarship Winners!

50 Years of Channel 29!

50 Years of Eyewitness News!

Summer Tour of Fox 29

50 Years of KYW Newsradio!

What's Going On at More FM!

Our 14th College Student Symposium!

Our 50th Annual Banquet!


The British Music Invasion!

Authors Day & Tribute to Ed Klein!

Our Student Symposium

Our Spring Potpourri!

Jerry Blavat, Bob Kelly and Karen Scioli


How the media covered 9-11

Our Captain Noah Tribute Luncheon!


Our January Sports Luncheon

Our February Sports Luncheon

Our 2017 College Student Symposium at CBS 3

Our April Luncheon & awarding of college scholarships

Our May 2017 Luncheon about coverage of Three-Mile Island

Our June Luncheon Celebrating 85 Years of Channel 3

Our Summer Tour of WPVI, Channel 6

Our Celebration of 70 Years of Channel 6

Tribute to Jane "Pixanne" Norman

Our Annual Banquet


Our January Sports Luncheon

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