Francis Davis in a go-cart


WIP Studio at Gimbel Brothers (WIP Radio)

WIP Control Room at Gimbel Brothers (WIP Radio)

Mary Vogt at the Wanamaker Organ (WOO Radio)

Walt "Uncle Bob" Wilson (KYW Radio)


Radio Correspondence (WFI Radio)

Sunny Jim Medallion (WFI Radio)


Christopher "Uncle WIP" Graham (WIP Radio)


WCAU Studio


John G. Leitch and George W. Humpfer (WFI Radio)


The Roman Catholic High School Rowing Team with John Facenda

Captain Noah (W. Carter Merbreier) fishing

Stan Lee Broza & his "radio kids"


Herbert Hoover in front of WCAU mikes

A Good Luck "Captain Jolly" Coin (WCAU Radio)

Donald Barnhouse and family


WCAU Transmitter Staff

Stan Lee Broza & The Children's Hour (WCAU Radio)

W3XE Test Pattern

Leon Levy's Office (WCAU Radio)


Bill Wright and his family

Technician Ray Stahl & Remote Truck (WCAU Radio)

Letter to Leon Levy from staff (WCAU Radio)


Courtesy Card (WCAU Radio)

KYW Radio Ad (KYW Moves to Philadelphia)

Jack Steck (WPEN Radio)

Jack Sterling (in vaudeville)

Philo Farnsworth at the Franklin Institute

Construction work at WFIL Radio

Powers Gouraud & George M. Cohan (WCAU Radio)

Ben Gimbel, Ednyfed Lewis, Ike Levy and Mrs. A. T. Hild

Jane King as Mary Lee, along with Johnny Lee (WOKO Radio)

"The Children's Hour" cast (WCAU Radio)


WFIL Radio Ad


Jerry Donahue on "The Children's Hour" (WCAU Radio)

Bill Dyer broadcasting a baseball game (WCAU Radio)

Merrill Reese (age 2)


Talent Postcard from "The Children's Hour" (WCAU Radio)

Announcer's Console (WFIL Radio)

Master Control in the Widener Building (WFIL Radio)

"The BandBusters" on "The Children's Hour" (WCAU Radio)

3 Year old Jay Lloyd is a sailor suit


Al Alberts on "The Children's Hour" (WCAU Radio)

KYW's "Brand New" Main Entrance & their Master Control Board

Radio Organist (WFIL Radio)

Studio in the Widener Building (WFIL Radio)

Judy Lee

Gene Crane in a High School Play

Bill Bransome at Bradley Beach


Alan Scott (WCAU Radio)

Dorothy Dix Broadcast (WFIL Radio)

Experimental Television (W3XE)

Tom Moran & Family

Temple vs. Kansas College Football Coverage (W3XE)

Dean Tyler (age 5)

Joe Pellegrino (age 4)

Donald Grey Barnhouse, Sr. and Donald Barnhouse (Jr.) in England


W3XE Broadcasting the 1940 GOP Convention (KYW-TV)

Cast rehearsing radio drama (WIP Radio)

Jane King (Hall) Portrait

Connie Parkinson on a TV set (W3XE)

Technician Roy Nuss in Studio A (KYW Radio)

Two KYW Radio remote broadcasting vehicles and part of one tower


Al Alberts & The Elliot Broza Orchestra

Engineer Paul Adelberger (WPTZ)

Mummers Parade (W3XE)

Fred Wood & the Pep Boys (WIP Radio)

Edie Huggins in St. Joseph, Missouri

Dean Tyler (age 7)


The W53PH Control Room (WFIL-FM)

a WPTZ program, Never Too Old

"Last Year's Nest," the nation's first soap opera (WPTZ)

"Last Year's Nest," another photo

Jack Steck with the Russo Sisters at Woodside Park (WFIL Radio)

WCAU Transmitter Site

Merrill Reese (age 8)

Taylor Grant & Dick Siebert (WCAU Radio)


Ed Papazian in the U.S. Navy

The Russo Sisters on "Kiddie Karnival" (WDAS Radio)

Publicity Photo (WPTZ)

Uncle WIP, Wayne Cody (WIP Radio)

Nine Year-Old Hy Lit


Neil Harvey in France

Pete Boyle Sketch (Stage Door Canteen)

WPTZ Technicians (WPTZ)

Sally Starr

Blake Ritter performing in an USO Show in the UK

WFIL Radio Staff Party

Teenage Nat Wright

WFIL Radio on Election Night


Peter Roberts (KYW Radio)

Allen Stone & Jack Barry (WTTM Radio)


Group in the WIP Studios

Bill Sears (WPEN Radio)

Mac McGuire & Johnny Wilcox (WIP Radio)

Transmitting Tower on Mermaid Lane (WPTZ)

Howard Jones (WIP Radio)

Connie Mack, Max E. Solomon & Tom Moorehead (WFIL Radio)

Al Meltzer's college basketball team

Tom Moorehead and Don Kellett broadcasting an ice hockey game (WFIL Radio)

Tom Moorehead on "Sports Clinic" (WFIL Radio)

Skipper Dawes, Jim Felix, Mil Spooner and "The Choraleens" (WFIL Radio)

Florence & Jack Steck at the press preview of "It's a Wonderful Life"

Harold Pannepacker running camera in the studio at WPTZ


3 photos from "Hansel and Gretel" (WPTZ)

6 photos from "Cinderella" (WPTZ)

Jane King & Jack Creamer on "The Handy Man" (WPTZ)

Morris "Moose" Charlap, Pat Moore & Bob Jawer (WPTZ)

Mac McGuire Publicity Photo (WIP Photo)

Mac McGuire & the Harmony Rangers (WIP Radio)

The Magic Lady Supper Club (WFIL Radio)

The Sleepy Hollow Ranch Gang (WFIL Radio)

Allen Stone in the Widener Building Studio (WFIL Radio)

Roy Neal on "Pleased To Meet You" (WPTZ)

Organist Mil Spooner (WFIL Radio)

Harold Pannepacker telecasts the Mummers Parade (WPTZ)

A WCAU Radio Print Ad

Sid Doherty at WCFC, West Virginia's 1st FM station

Roger Clipp & Dr. Millard Gladfelter (WFIL-TV)

Red Benson (WEEU Radio)

Count Basie, Annette Oromaner and Ramon Bruce (WHAT Radio)

Helen Lipkin with the Dorsey Brothers

Taming of the Shrew broadcast (WPTZ)


"Altars of Peace" program & studios (WRTI Radio)

Florence Hanford on a cooking show (WPTZ)

Dr. Francis Davis (WFIL Radio)

Mac McGuire (WIP Radio)

Roger Clipp, Walter Annenberg & Temple President Robert Johnson (Dedication of WRTI)

Gene Crane & Bill Hart on "Homemakers' Matinee" (WCAU-TV)

WPTZ Towers

Stan Lee Broza & the Children's Hour (WCAU)

WCAU-TV Mobile Unit

WCAU-TV Test Pattern

WCAU-TV Election Coverage live from the Evening Bulletin

Sid Doherty & others (WJLS Radio)

TV Studio (WFIL-TV)

The WCAU Building, 1622 Chestnut Street

Studio A and Control Room A at 1622 Chestnut Street (WCAU-TV)

Studio B and Control Room B at 1622 Chestnut Street (WCAU-TV)

Hal Moore (WCAU Radio)

Milt Kellem & Judy Lee

Virginia & Barry Cassell (WAAM Radio, Ann Arbor)

Jane King Hall on a cooking show (WPTZ)


Gene Crane on "Grand Chance Roundup" (WCAU-TV)

More Gene Crane on "Grand Chance Roundup" (WCAU-TV)

Roy Neal and the cast of "The Goldbergs" (WPTZ)

Roy Neal and Col. Paul Tibetts, pilot of the Enola Gay (WPTZ)

Paul Whiteman's TV Teen Club (WFIL-TV)

John G. Leitch (WCAU Radio & TV)

John Roberts & Jim Gallant (WFIL-TV)

Visual Station Identification (WDEL-TV)

Sally Starr & Jesse Rogers (Ranger Joe)


Powers Gouraud (WCAU Radio)

James Crawford, Edward Obrist, Frank Palumbo & Toni Spaulding (WPEN Radio)

Jack Pyle (KYW Radio)

Roy Neal talks with Vexil Weisgerber who lived in the Besty Ross House (WPTZ)

Roy Neal talks with a Leonardo DaVinci expert (WPTZ)

WPEN Air Personality Stu Wayne

Roy Neal talks with a Delaware River expert (WPTZ)

Roy Neal & Doug Arthur (WPTZ)

Audience of "Cinderella Weekend" (WCAU-TV)

Skipper Dawes and associates (WFIL-TV)

Gene Crane (WCAU-TV)

Bill Hart (WCAU-TV)

Hy Lit at the Jersey shore

Willie the Worm (WCAU-TV)

Gabby Hayes, Roger Clipp, Jane Pickens and Dennis James

Neil Harvey doing a Horlacher Beer commercial (WFIL-TV)

Ernie Kovacs & Albert Mathis on "Deadline for Dinner" (WPTZ)


Paul Sullivan (KALL Radio)

Clowns Ed McMahon & Chris Keegan on "The Big Top" (WCAU-TV)

WDAS Owner Max M. Leon at WRTI

Test Pattern (WPTZ)

The Children's Hour (WCAU Radio & TV)

Dr. Charles Lee & Judy Lee

Advertising Clock for WVCH

Pete Boyle at the Delaware County Horse Show (WPTZ)

Pete Boyle as Chuckwagon Pete (WPTZ)

Roy Neal talks with two guests on "Open House" (WPTZ)

Ed McMahon, Roy Neal, George Walsh & Ernie Kovacs (local award winners)

Sid Doherty, your ESSO Reporter (WJLS Radio)

Dick Harris (WHHS Radio)

Roy Neal - Early Space Coverage (WPTZ)

Martin Pinsker, Carmen Gentile & John Culver in a radio Control Room (WFIL-TV)

John Facenda and others (WIP Radio)

Sherry O'Brien, Connie Mack & Leo Durocher (WDAS Radio)

Bill Wright, Sr. (WSGN Radio)

Nat Wright (WDOV, Dover)

Herb Clarke at WTAR-TV, Norfolk

Frank Stone and his twin brother, Eddie


Paul and Mary Ritts (WCAU-TV)

Donald Thornburgh & Bill Paley (WCAU-TV)

Jean Shepherd (KYW Radio)

George Skinner & Mr. Ferris Rivets portrayed by Ed Hunt (WPTZ)

Paul Whiteman & Connie Mack (WFIL-TV)

Grady & Hurst with Al Alberts (WABC-TV)

Grady & Hurst with Frank Sinatra (WPEN Radio)

A Pete Boyle Original Watercolor

Pete Boyle, Jack Pyle & Judy Lee (WPTZ)

Magician Chanin & Neil Harvey (WFIL-TV)

Final Days in Center City (WCAU Radio)

Test Pattern (WPTZ)

John Roberts & Joe Carter (WFIL-TV)

A Cooking Set (WFIL-TV)

"Miss Claire" Coleman at the WFIL-TV Studios

Jean Corbett & Bill Hart (WCAU-TV)

John Roberts on Election Night (WFIL-TV)

Ernie Kovacs (WPTZ)

Harry Harris with the "Your Show of Shows" writers

Jesse Rogers (Ranger Joe) and Topaz

John Facenda in the station's lobby (WCAU-TV and Radio)

Sherry O'Brien & Rocky Marciano (WDAS Radio)

Ernie Kovacs Graphics Card (WPTZ)

Ray Walton and others (WPTZ)


Willie the Worm (from a WCAU-TV kinescope)

Remember Pearl Harbor Test Pattern (WCAU-TV)

Magic Lady Supper Club gang (WFIL)

Sally Starr & Jesse Rogers (Ranger Joe)

John Roberts in a helicopter (WFIL-TV)

The Big Top Control Room (WCAU-TV)

Willie the Worm in the bathtub (WCAU-TV)

Blake Ritter & John D'Armand on "Action in the Afternoon" (WCAU-TV)

Dr. Charles Lee, Judy Lee & Elsa Maxwell

4 Photos from "The Big Top" (WCAU-TV)

John Facenda, Grace Kelly, Harvey Pollack, Joe Tinney, Bob Graham, Al Wisert and more

George Skinner (WPTZ)

Jarrett Spotswood Lickle as "Patches" (WCAU-TV)

Lee Stewart & Bob Horn on "Bandstand" (WFIL-TV)

The Big Top TV Show on CBS-TV

Advertising group including Ed Murray, Ned Rogers, Max Solomon and Bob Dome

John Roberts & Claire Coleman, 10th anniversary of WFIL's Studio Schoolhouse

Gil Thompson on Action in the Afternoon

Action in the Afternoon Still

Action in the Afternoon Cast and Set

The Buildings of Huberle, Montana (Action in the Afternoon)

Another Publicity Still from Action in the Afternoon

Action in the Afternoon Rehearsal

Claire Coleman (Miss Claire of Romper Room)

5 Atom Squad photos (WPTZ)

Jean Shepherd (KYW Radio)

Master Control (WCAU-TV)

Jack Mahoney receiving an award (WIBG Radio)

Gene London as "Reject the Robot"

9 Action in the Afternoon stills from video (WCAU-TV)

Eddie Robinson & Sherry O'Brien (WDAS Radio)

Bill Givens & Jack Pyle (KYW Radio)

John Zacherle on "Action in the Afternoon" (WCAU-TV)


John Carlton & Ronald Reagan

Master Switching Console (WCAU-TV)

Sally Starr (WJMJ Radio)

At the Transmitter Site (WCAU-TV and WCAU-FM)

Judy Lee Portrait (WPTZ & WRCV-TV)

Judy Lee (5 photos)

Georgie Woods, Kae Williams and Harry Rosen

Dick Clark (WFIL-TV)

Lew Klein & Gene Shay (WFIL-TV)

Shelly Gross, Marciarose Shestack & U.S. Congressman Walter Judd (WFIL-TV)

Shelly Gross, Marciarose Shestack & former Pa. Governor James Duff (WFIL-TV)

Marciarose Shestack on "College Press Conference" (WFIL-TV)

Pete Boyle (WPTZ)

Bertie the Bunyip & Lee Dexter (WPTZ)

Bob Dome

Contest Carnival (WCAU-TV)

Joe Earley as Mr. Rivets (WPTZ)

Alan Scott & Joe Earley as Mr. Rivets (WPTZ)

Charles Shaw & Donald Thornburgh (WCAU Radio)

Ed Cunningham at age seven and a half


Rex Trailer (WPTZ)

Pete Boyle, Alan Scott, Jane King Hall & Florence Hanford (WPTZ)

Alan Scott remote on "The Today Show" (WPTZ)

Bob Horn on the Bandstand set (WFIL-TV)

Dean Tyler (WILM Radio)

Marvin Burak with Martha Raye, Phil Foster, Toni Arden & others (WPEN Radio)

Judy Lee (WPTZ)

WFIL-TV crew at the Mummers Parade

Ed Harvey & His Gang (WCAU Radio)

Contest Carnival (WCAU-TV)

First officials of TRAC

Five Photos of Pete Boyle (WPTZ)

Remains of the Action in the Afternoon Set (WCAU-TV)

Pete Boyle Publicity Still (WPTZ)

Judy Lee & Myer Barr (WPTZ)

Ed McMahon doing a Frank's Soda commercial (WCAU-TV)

Bill Wright, Sr. doing a kids TV show (WABT-TV)

Another Bill Wright, Sr. kids show photo (WABT-TV)

18 photos of "The Children's Hour" (WCAU-TV)

Dick Clayton as Dick Karnow (WPTR Radio, Albany)

Florence Hanford on TV Kitchen (WPTZ)

Pete Boyle as "Chuck Wagon Pete"


Vince Lee (WRCV Radio)

Harry Harris on "Columnists' Corner" (WCAU-TV)

Judy Lee & Dave Garroway (NBC-TV)

Bob Benson (WRCV Radio)

Mel Gollub, aka Mel Stewart (WIP Radio)

Sally Starr & Gene Autry (WFIL-TV)

Mac McGuire (WRCV Radio)

Alan Scott & Miss Terry on "Let Scott Do It" (WRCV-TV)

Judy Lee (WRCV-TV)

"Bud" Galow (WRCV Radio)

Print Ad for "The Children's Hour" (WCAU-TV)

Edward Clery (WIBG Radio)

Ray Wilkie (WRCV Radio)

Harry Harris with Captain Kangaroo

Ed McMahon (WCAU-TV)

John Raleigh (WRCV Radio)

Marge Wieting (WFIL Radio)

Harry Harris with Frank Sinatra & Dinah Shore

Herb Carneal (WRCV Radio)

Dr. Francis Davis & George Koehler on WFIL's roof

Dave Roberts at WBUF-TV, Buffalo

Jim Lyons (WRCV-TV and Radio)

Jack Mahoney's Press Card (WIBG Radio)

Harry Harris with David Sarnoff & Lilli Palmer

Bill Webber & Allen Stone (WFIL Radio & TV)

Bill Mayer (WRCV Radio)

Bill Webber & Jack Steck (WFIL Radio)

Harry Harris on "The Phil Silvers Show"

George Koehler, Henry Rhea and Bill Webber (WFIL-TV)

Grady and Hurst (WPFH, Channel 12)

Nat Wright and Weldon Walker on WTTG-TV

Hy Lit making a personal appearance (WHAT Radio)


Talent Trend, Dick Clark ads (WFIL-TV)

Super Bowl Producer George Finkel as a model

Samuel Barbour & Laurence LePage (WHYY-TV)

Some of the station's air personnel (WCAU Radio)

WVUE Print Ad

Memo Announcing its Sale to CBS (WCAU Stations)

Marvin Burak & Jimmy Durante (WPEN Radio)

Judy Lee (WRCV-TV)

Kae Williams (WDAS Radio)

George Thomas (WCAU Radio)

The Beginning of WHYY-TV

John Carlton with "The Four Preps" (WFIL-TV)

Bill Campbell (WCAU Radio & TV)

Bill Webber on Breakfast Time (WFIL-TV)

Dick Clark Fan Card (WFIL-TV)

John Facenda (WCAU-TV)

Roland & Igor Buttons from Shock Theater (WCAU-TV)

Shock Theatre Advertisement (WCAU-TV)

Chief Halftown, Sally Starr, Bill Webber, Frances Davis & Dick Clark (WFIL-TV)

Station ID Slide & Print Ad (KYW-TV, Cleveland)

The Cinderella Weekend Float in the Thanksgiving Day Parade (WCAU-TV)

6 Year old Liz Matt


Bandstand Dancers outside the WFIL Building (WFIL-TV)

Gene London as "Tinker Tom"

A Live Broadcast with Ted Jackson (WRCV Radio)

WVUE Print Ad

The WFIL-TV University of the Air

Vince Leonard & Bill Freeland in the news studio (WRCV-TV)

Clayton Moore as the Lone Ranger & Sally Starr (WFIL-TV)

Jack Lescoulie & Judy Lee (The Today Show)

Hy Lit (WIBG Radio)

Dr. Francis Davis on WFIL's roof

WCAU Building

Control Room #4 (WCAU-TV)

Dick Clark & Bill Webber on "Bandstand" (WFIL-TV)

John Zacherle as Roland on the set (WCAU-TV)

John Zacherle as Roland (WRTI-FM)

John Zacherle as Roland on a movie cut-in (WCAU-TV)

John Zacherle as Roland and himself (Zacherle Fan Club Card)

Bob Bradley as Buckskin Billy (WRCV-TV)

Harry Levan as "Carny the Clown" (WCAU-TV)

Dave Garroway and Gene London (NBC-TV)

Dr. Brian McDonough's Baby Photo


Ralph "Bud" Galow (WRCV Radio)

Howard Jones as Happy the Clown (WFIL-TV)

Gary Geers on "Farm, Home and Garden" (WRCV Radio)

Transmitter & Console (WHHS Radio)

Ed Sciaky & Sally Starr at Riverview Beach Park

Mac McGuire at Reading Terminal

Larry Kane (WQAM Radio)

Sally Starr LP Cover (Liberty Bell Records)

Jim Felix (WFIL Radio)

WFIL's Dr. Francis Davis & the "Princess" phone

Bill Bransome in a balloon race (WCAU Radio)

WRCV-TV Remote Truck

Sally Starr (WFIL-TV)

Phil Sheridan (WFIL Radio)

WCAU-TV Tape Room

Sawdust Sam (WFIL-TV)

Paul Norton (The WFIL Stations)

Ed Harvey & Louis Armstrong

Gene London (WCAU-TV)

Danny Thomas & Frank Ford (WPEN Radio)

John Zacherle on the set of "Shock Theatre" (WCAU-TV)

Peggy King & James Garner on the set of "Maverick"

Gunnar Back, John Roberts and Allen Stone (WFIL-TV)


RJ, Ron Joseph & Dick Clark (WFIL-TV)

Wally Kinnan, Herb Clarke & Francis Davis on the weather set (WCAU-TV)

Pat Delsi (WCAM Radio)

Pat Delsi & Bobby Rydell

Bill Wright Sr. at the Raymond Rosen Record Distributors (WIBG Radio)

Milton Berle & Mac McGuire

Charlie Gracie & Sally Starr on "Popeye Theater" (WFIL-TV)

Gene London & Cub Scouts (WCAU-TV)

Dr. Herbert Nagler (KYW Radio)

Members Harry and Don Hurley


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1961 to 2015

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